To:Filipino-American Authors in Academia

Filipino-American Library of Los Angeles was opened in 1985 as a gift of Helen Brown to the Filipino American Community. Our Filipino American Library has recently been reinvigorated with corporate resources from major corporations and our committees have attracted the involvement of well-known professionals in academia, health care, entertainment fields in Los Angeles. The Library's vision is "Guiding the way to greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of Filipino Americans, their heritage and their contributions to Society". The library has since evolved under the aegis of the Filipino American Heritage Institute, a non-profit cultural and educational organization, dedicated to preserving the Filipino and Filipino-American heritage.

The Board of the Library has recently embarked on a program to increase its library's collections. Much of the library's collections are used by various university scholars and students in the Southern California community. Its collections must now evolve to include the best works of Filipino American authors in academia throughout the United States.

We are requesting that you provide donations of books that you have authored to the Filipino American Library at 3200 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA As authors of Filipino American heritage, your works would represent an invaluable resource for knowledge base in the US community, but more importantly, help provide successful role-models for our high school youth to aspire to.

We trust that you would join the distinguished base of scholars that are now supporting the library. I hope you would view our requests with urgency and anticipated cooperation in furthering the best of our community interests in the United States. Please provide your donations to Attention - Prosy Abarquez-Delacruz, J.D., Resource Committee at Filipino American Library, 3200 West Temple St. LA, CA 90026. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email our library at or Prosy Delacruz at

Thank you very much for your anticipated donations and expressions of goodwill and generosity to our Filipino-American community!

From: Fritz Friedman, Chair of Board, Filipino American Library Prosy Abarquez-Delacruz, J.D., Chair, Resource Committee