The mission of the Filipino American Heritage Institute is to actively promote the history, culture and professional achievements of Filipino Americans through educational and cultural programming thereby contributing to the development of a culturally dynamic multiethnic America.

The Filipino American Library of Los Angeles opened as the Pilipino American Reading Room and Library (PARRAL) in 1985 as a gift of Helen Brown to the Filipino American comunity. In 1989 it was administered by the Pamana Foundation. In 1999, the Filipino American Heritage Institute, a nonprofit cultural and educational organization dedicated to preserving the Filipino and the Filipino American heritage, assumed the administration of the library, opening its doors to a broader segment of the American community: its corporate sponsors, professional organizations, students, bar associations, and civic non-profit organizations.

With 220,000 Filipinos in the Greater Los Angeles Area expected to double in the year 2000, the Institute is more than ever committed to its mission of serving as the primary educational and cultural resource for this large and fast-growing community, as well as any group interested in matters dealing with Filipino and with Filipino American culture, history, education, and community issues.

The library's programs, in the past, has included research projects, film showings, and art exhibits. These programs have expanded in reach, scope and content, involving collaboration with other organizations: play readings, public lecture series on law, entertainment, government, health workshops and cultural-heritage building programs. TOP

Goals and Objectives

  • To achieve its mission, the Filipino American Heritage Institute seeks to:
  • Develop and promote a first-rate Filipino American community library housed in its own building;
  • Identify, encourage, and support research and historical preservation efforts that document the historical experiences of Filipinos in the United States;
  • Increase public awareness, not only of the rich historical and social-cultural heritage of Filipino Americans, but also of the breadth of their achievements and contributions to society;
  • Engage in collaborative projects with public and private agencies to achieve mutually-shared community development objectives;
  • Develop programs and resources that will enhance the capacity of the organization to realize its goals and objectives.


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Goals & Objectives